Amenities Fit For Royalty...

Amenities Fit For Royalty...

Amenities Fit For Royalty...


Our Post House Has Everything
You Need – And Want.

Our Post House Has Everything
You Need – And Want.

Our Post House Has Everything
You Need – And Want.

Get the royal treatment at 16:9 Post. Post production facilities should have the space, equipment, and post services you need, but it should be so much more.

We designed our post house to give guests an open, spacious environment that provides functionality for their team and a comfortable space to enjoy working in every day.

We built our inventory of equipment to uphold the highest and newest of post- production standards, supplying a variety of top-quality options that allow for a fully-customized set up based on client preferences.

Our post house provides services that bridge the gaps in your post-production process, keeping you on budget and on schedule.

But we didn’t stop there...

We selected this neighborhood in Sherman Oaks for the commuting convenience it provides Los Angeles area based clients; and for the walking-distance dining, shopping, and personal wellbeing options it offers.


We pamper with our concierge services to make sure every guest is happy and gets what they need in our post house as well as from the neighborhood around it.

Business Amenities:

  • Advanced Security
  • Key Card / Key Code Access
  • Secure Server Room
  • New, High-End Equipment
  • Custom Editing Systems Set-up
  • 24/7 On & Off-Site Tech Support
  • Fully Furnished Offices
  • No Lease Options
  • Weekly Billing
  • Variety of Furniture Options
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Dedicated Phone Lines
  • Office Services & Supplies
  • Screening Rooms
  • Audio Mixing & Screening
  • Room Conference Room
  • Client Restrooms
  • Subterranean Parking

Fun Amenities:

  • Boulevard Views
  • Stylish Office Décor
  • Daily Housekeeping
  • Fully Stocked Kitchen & Breakroom
  • “Bagel Monday”
  • “Donut Friday”
  • Restaurants & Bars Galore
  • Shopping Along the Boulevard
  • Fitness Centers & Classes
  • Nearby Spa Services
  • Concierge Services
  • Office-Friendly Dogs Allowed

Advanced Security - Key card access to suites, key code access to bathroom facilities, Locked/secure access-card server room/hub for all systems including phones, security alarms, security cameras, internet – nothing is online, all runs through secure servers on location; tight security protocol and will update/add to suit client specific needs (give us your checklist)...have installed office door keypad locks, customized equipment to disable USB ports, etc.)

Equipment & Tech Support – Equipment is custom set-up utilizing the industry’s top products and based on each client’s individual needs and preferences. All of our systems flow through our on- location, secure server hub with Avid Nexis 200TB units (your projects are never online). Clients have access to tech support in- facility and on-location, as well as through 24/7 phone and email attendants for those of you working around the clock.

Your Space - We have space for your entire post-production team, from executive producer, to editors, to producers and assistants. Each office and work space comes fully furnished and equipped with phone, internet, and all other office functionality your production requires. Furniture can be custom equipped based on your needs and comfort (ie. We offer both standing desks or traditional crescent editing desks).

Common Spaces – The 16:9 Post common areas are designed for a clean, contemporary environment, fitted with inviting décor, and regularly updated and renovated to ensure the aesthetic integrity of our post house. (One of our owners LOVES Star expect to see a good deal of Star Wars art and memorabilia around the office.) Guests have access to screening rooms, a conference room, restrooms dedicated to our clients only, and a fully stocked kitchen and breakroom. We take pride in creating common spaces that allow for group interactions, individual unwinding, and a relaxed workplace. That is why we also treat our guests to things like “Bagel Monday” and “Donut Friday”, and are always willing to partake in a foosball challenge.

Parking - Your team and your guests have access to two levels of secure subterranean parking, with overflow parking 20 seconds away. No need to mess with metered or neighborhood parking.

Our Neighborhood – Sherman Oaks is ideal for your office space. Our post house is conveniently located just off the 101 and the 405, on Ventura Boulevard – making your commute as easy as a commute can be. We are walking distance to 20+ restaurants, with a variety of options for everything from a quick lunch to happy hour to a schmoozy business dinner. And you can stick around the hood for all of your shopping needs, to fit in a quick work out, drop in for a much needed spa service, catch a new release at the Arclight, and more. Click Here to jump to links to some of our neighbors.

Concierge Services - are reading this right. A post house with concierge services. Our client concierge service runs on the most basic of premises: You want things done but don’t have the time to do it. As long as you are renting at our facility, we’re happy to take care of whatever you need (and with a smile). Our concierge is available to make recommendations and hook you up with our local connections for restaurant reservations, hotels, spa services, night life hot spots, transportation, concerts or special events, errand services, office décor, and more. Just ask.

Easier Work Life – It is our goal to make your life easier. You have enough to stress about getting your project delivered, so we work to simplify what we can. We offer long-term and short-term lease well as a “no lease” option and weekly billing. We streamline our communications so your needs – big and small, business and personal - are heard and addressed immediately. We even allow office-friendly dogs to visit, to make life easier for those of you that don’t always have doggie-care (but will also amend policies to ensure that guests with dog allergies or other issues will not be imposed on by other people’s fur babies.) And if you love dogs, but don’t have one of your own, we have a great view from our breakroom to enjoy of a doggy day care across the street.

Say Hello To Some Of Our Neighbors...

What They Say About Us

"To me the most important thing is vibe. The people at 16:9 Post are super cool and they make coming to work a lot easier."– H.M., Production Coordinator.

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